Welcome to CSI Cairo!

In this assignment you will be told about a crime that occurred here at CAC. Your job is to investigate the evidence using scientifically proven techniques and determine who is the most likely culprit of this crime.

Before we are introduced to the "Crime" we need to develop a common vocabulary and review an introduction to what Forensic Science is.

Assignment 1 (complete worksheet and turn into cubby)


Assignment 2 (complete worksheet and turn into cubby)

Since this is science class, we will take some time to stress the importance of evidence. In science like in a court of law, the scientific community demands evidence to support the scientists claim as to how or why.
Watch video "POWER OF EVIDENCE": Link (Click on Power of Evidence link on Homework page March 3-4)

What is Forensic Science

What is Forensic Science(The Forensic Science Society)
USA Today article on CSI

Investigating the Crime

Your goal is to solve the mystery crime by using "science"! You will need to read these links before class or during class before you complete a lab activity. You will need to have the background information in order to successfully complete each investigation!
You can complete the investigations in any order youy want. You may work with 1 other person during a lab investigation, however you are responsible for all data collectionb and completion of the Investigation Journal.

Background Readings to Forensic Science

Evidence Examination and Collection
Evidence Collection Guidelines - click on Toolmarks, Fingerprinting, Glass and Fibers

Forensic Science lab -scroll down to lab tour and challenges
USA Today Article on CSI

The Labs:

Fiber Evidence

Fingerprinting Links

Glass and Glass Density

Ink analysis and Chromatography

Soil Analysis

Toolmarks Evidence